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Sheet music research & order

Our online system GN-online consists of a database comprising more than 590,000 sheet music titles. With GN-online you can search and order. If you are interested in getting an account and a password please contact Mrs Petra Becker (Fax: +49 / (0) 69 / 94 20 98-40 or E-Mail: p.becker[at]

The sheet music compendium

Notendium is an offline system to be installed on your computer. It allows research and order as well as the administration of clients data and ordering system. The first installation of the software and database is free. Solely for the monthly updates a yearly fee of 120 Euro (plus VAT) is charged.

Notendium exists in a German version only.
Your own online-shop

With we offer you the opportunity to operate your own online-shop. We would like to setup your online-shop for a lump sum of 100 Euro and a monthly fee of 39 Euro (each plus VAT). Have a look at the existing shops at . If your are interested please contact Mr René Helder (Fax: +49 / (0) 69 / 94 20 98-40 or E-Mail: helder[at] exists in a German version only.

You are interested
and want to become our client?

We would like to help you with sheet music procurement in future. To start business relations we need your company's name, full adress and, if you are residing within the European Community, your European Tax Identification Number etc.
Please fill in our new client form, which you con download here: [New Client Form]