Wholesale for sheet music and music books

130,000 lines available from stock

We cover your daily demands

As one of the leading music wholesalers in Europe we supply music dealers and booksellers as well as wholesalers across the globe with sheet music, music books an musical non-book items.

Our aim is to provide you with your daily music demands as quickly as possible. Our central position in the midst of the Rhine-Main-area helps to achieve this.

A database, compiled on a market-oriented concept, comprising more than 810,000 articles forms the basis of our IT systems. 130,000 articles are kept in stock constantly. Above that about 420,000 cover pictures and more than 150,000 sample pages are available.

Mobile data capturing as well as a modern packing machine ensure an optimal picking and dispatch preparation.

Besides the wholesale activities we run also a distribution and offer several IT services on basis of our database. Above that we support the online and mail-order activities of dealers and publishers by dropshipping services.